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We are thrilled to present the exceptional golf courses in our region, and share intriguing facts and valuable information about them. To promote the sport and foster a love for the game, we'll spotlight a different course each month by conducting an insightful interview with a representative from a signature course. These interviews will offer an insider's perspective on the unique features, challenges, and noteworthy aspects of each course while celebrating the diverse golf culture in our region. Stay tuned for these engaging and informative monthly features as we explore the finest golf courses our region has to offer.

The Course At Aberdeen

Website: http://www.golfataberdeen.com/
245 Tower Rd, Valparaiso, IN 46385
(219) 462-5050

Year Built: 1997 Holes: 18 Type: Public Par: 72 Length: 6917 yards  Architect(s): Jack Kidwell, Dr. Michael Hurdzan

Course Representative:
Andy Higgins, PGA (General Manager)

Q: Can you start by telling us a little about yourself and your background? 
A: My name is Andy Higgins and I am a member of the PGA. I established my membership in 2007. I grew up on the Great Lakes, my dad was a sailboater. We spent time on Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. We used to sailed out of New Buffalo on the west side, and Sarnia, Canada on the east side. I took up the game of golf at the age of 10 when we moved to Champaign, IL. I played high school and college golf, playing two years at Southern Illinois. I got into the golf business around 2003. I spent a year and a half in Orlando, then moved to Cleveland, OH to work at Overland Golf Club for two years. Then I went out west for about 10 years, and came back to the Northwest Indiana, Southwest Michigan area to be closer to my mom and dad. 

Q: How long have you been in your role at The Course At Aberdeen?
A: I joined at the beginning of this year, in January. I came from Whittaker Woods Golf Club in New Buffalo.

Q: Can you please give the Great Lakes Golf community an overview of the course at Aberdeen? 
A: The Course At Aberdeen opened in 1997. It was developed by a lady that developed the neighborhood around it. We have four sets of tees, offering something for everybody, making it a great experience for all golfers. We are a traditional golf course that features tree-lined fairways, preserved wetlands on the backside, and a rolling countryside with some undulation on the course. 

Q: What is the signature, most talked about, or most photographed hole? 
A: Our #10 hole, which is right outside the back of our clubhouse. It's a par 5 and a beautiful hole. It takes you into the woods from the fairway. One minute you're at the tee box next to the clubhouse, then all of a sudden you're isolated off in the woods, going into wetlands. A lot of people take pictures from our clubhouse patio. It's definitely our signature hole.

Q: What is the toughest hole on the course? Any tips on how to play it?
A: Our toughest hole is #12, which is a good distance off the tee over the wetlands. You have to be really precise on your tee shot, and if you don't carry the ball far enough, you're gonna be in the wetlands. It's probably about a 230 carry from the tips and about a 180 carry from the forwards. Then you're hitting onto an island green that's surrounded by wetlands. 

Q: Can you tell us about any historical events or significant moments that have taken place? 

A: In 2017, the homeowners association bought the golf course from the lady that developed it, which is pretty unique. The association took ownership in 2017 and they have made a lot of improvements to the golf course. Right now, we're on a very progressive bunker renovation and greens upgrade project.

Q: Has The Course At Aberdeen won any recent awards you would like to share? 
A: We were given a 5-star golf facility ranking by Chicagoland Golf and a 4-star rating by Golf Digest's Best Places to Play. We were also named one of the top places to play in Northwest Indiana, as recognized by Golf Digest. 

Q: What sustainable practices or environmental initiatives have been implemented? 
A: We have implemented a number of environmental best practices, because we have several protected wetlands in the area and we protect them to the fullest. One of the most impactful initiatives has been around pesticides. We're very careful about what we products we use on the course. The area is a wildlife haven. We have a lot of different wildlife in the area, including birds and plenty of deer. We have a family of about 15 deer that live on the golf course. 

Q: Are there any upcoming projects or initiatives that you're particularly excited about and would like to share? 
A: We are very excited about upgrading our maintenance schedule on our greens. We will be rolling our greens five days a week and implementing a very aggressive top dressing every other week to build up the soil and improve the pace of the greens. We are also doing aggressive trap trimming and edging our bunkers to make them more playable and friendly for our customers. 

Q: What tips or local knowledge would you provide to help players score better at The Course At Aberdeen? 
A: Hit the ball straight. You have to be very precise out here. The front holes are more open until you get to hole #5, which is a par 5. After that you'll be playing target golf all the way through to hole #16. If you can score well on the first four holes and manage through the next nine, you could have a really good round. 

Q: Do you have a memorable or amusing hole-in-one story? 
A: Well, how about mine? I've been playing for almost 30 years and had my first hole-in-one in 2015. I took about five years off from playing golf and came back last year. Within my second round I had a hole-in-one, so it was like I had two back-to-back. 

Q: Is there a must have dish or drink at the clubhouse you would recommend following around? 

A: Well, we would recommend the Sally Blaster. Sally's our food and beverage manager, and she  made-up a drink people really enjoy. But, don't ask me what's in it.

Q: Are there any quirky or unique traditions golfers might enjoy participating in? 
A: We have have two golf leagues here and one was established in 1960. They originally played on a different course, but now they play here on Thursday night's. Something they have done is create a plaque they post in the clubhouse recognizing every winner dating back to 1960, which people think is pretty neat. It's awesome to see a league that's been around for that long. They have a 7-8 year waiting list. Then we have our Tuesday night member League that started the year we opened. It's a very competitive league. Those are really the two traditions we have.

Q: If you had to describe the personality of The Course At Aberdeen using three words, what would they be? 
A: Traditional. Precise. Fun. 

Q: Have any celebrities or professional golfers visited or played on the course? 
A: We've had a few. Bernie Mac played out here before he passed. We have Dan Hampton that plays out here quite a bit who played on the Chicago Bears. Then we also have Jeff Samardzija, major league pitcher and wide receiver at Notre Dame, who is local to the area.