Great Lakes Conservation

Alliance for the Great Lakes

At Great Lakes Golf, we not only celebrate the beauty and excitement of the region's golfing landscape, but we are also deeply committed to preserving the very environment that makes our golf courses so unique. We are honored to collaborate with the Alliance for the Great Lakes, a reputable nonprofit organization devoted to the protection and restoration of the Great Lakes. Our "Round Up for Conservation" initiative invites customers to join our efforts in supporting the essential work carried out by the Alliance. When you contribute, Great Lakes Golf will match your donation, guaranteeing that every cent is channeled directly to the Alliance's mission of maintaining and revitalizing the Great Lakes ecosystem. Together, we can enjoy the splendor of our region's golf courses while safeguarding the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Alliance for the Great Lakes

The Alliance for the Great Lakes is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and protection of the Great Lakes, which are a vital freshwater resource in North America. Established in 1970, the organization works to protect the Great Lakes through advocacy, education, and collaboration with local communities, businesses, governments, and other stakeholders.

Their mission is to ensure the health and sustainability of the Great Lakes for present and future generations by focusing on issues like invasive species, pollution, habitat restoration, and sustainable water use. They accomplish this through various initiatives, including public education campaigns, policy advocacy, and organizing volunteer efforts like beach cleanups and habitat restoration projects.

Operating Principles and Core Values Statement

Our vision is a thriving Great Lakes and healthy water that all life can rely on today and far into the future. We aspire to be a voice for the lakes, and to support the voices of the communities that depend on the lakes and their waters.

The mission of the Alliance for the Great Lakes is to protect, conserve and restore the Great Lakes ensuring healthy water in the lakes and in our communities for all generations of people and wildlife. We advance our mission as advocates for policies that support the lakes and communities by building the research, analysis, and partnerships that motivate action and by educating and uniting people as a voice for the Great Lakes.

“The Alliance is proud to champion a business such as Great Lakes Golf, which shares our belief that the Great Lakes are a precious resource to be protected and a vital economic driver for prosperity in our region.”

Jonathan Heuring, Foundation & Corporate Giving Manager

The Alliance of the Great Lakes is at the forefront of the Great Lakes protection movement. They lead the way, making sure the health of the lakes is a priority when policy makers are writing new laws and enforcing current ones. They anticipate future threats to the Great Lakes and develop solutions to make sure the health of the lakes is not put in danger.

Plastic Pollution
  • As plastic pollution breaks down in the Great Lakes, microscopic pieces of plastic are found in the lakes and even treated drinking water. We’re fighting for plastic-free water.
Invasive Species
  • Invasive species – like zebra mussels and round gobies – have forever damaged the Great Lakes. We’re working to keep new ones out.
Drinking Water
  • Clean water is a basic human need. No one should be without clean, safe, affordable tap water in their home.
Local Partnerships
  • We’re improving Great Lakes protection in communities, using our skills, resources, and expertise in support of community leaders and networks.
Agricultural Pollution
  • Runoff pollution from farm fields harms the Great Lakes and threatens drinking water.
Environmental Justice
  • Everyone in the Great Lakes region should have healthy access to the lakes and clean water. But not everyone does.
Climate Change
  • Climate change puts wildlife, drinking water, and our regional economy at risk.
Great Lakes Compact
  • The Great Lakes hold 90% of North America’s fresh surface water. But they can be depleted if we don’t take care to keep Great Lakes water in the lakes.

To learn more about these campaigns, please visit the Alliance for the Great Lakes.